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Uploaded By: UzFiles
Artist: Andy
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File Ishlamayotgan bolsa, Xabar Bering!
Esli File ne rabotaet, dayte nam znat!

Thank You Niga,



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Sindryuxa ashulade bu, so`ziga tushunmasam ham ohangi zo`r



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Bringing matinee idol charisma to the silver screen is ANDY, Persia’s
legendary music exile aka “The Prince of Persia” or “The Persian
Elvis” in media circles, who has released multiple albums selling in the
millions throughout the world. He`s also a natural leading man -
handsome, a commanding presence, sense of humour., plus all the talent needed
to tackle Tinseltown. Recent appearances include Guide Company Films “The
Keeper” (The Legend of Omar Khayyam) with Academy Award Winner Vanessa
Redgrave, Andy plays the governor of the ancient city of Samarkand ; and
DREAMWORKS’ “The House of Sand and Fog” ( Sir Ben Kingsley and Jennifer
Connelly) where Andy sings in the film and contributed to the score. He also
participated in a film noir short "The Florist"- . and first made
his mark on ABC’s 2001 production of the “ Princess and the Marine”.



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Airport`` (2007)

City of Angels" (2006)

"Platinum" (2004)

"Orere Seero" (2003)

"Khalvate Man" (2002)

"And My Heart" (2000)

"Silk Road" (1998)

"Devoted" (1996)

"Tanhaee" (1995)

"Goodbye" (1992)

"Balla" (1990)

"Parvaz" (1988)

"Khastegary" (1985)
His all albums az aghaz ta payan for now.



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Andranik Madadian (or Andy) is an Armenian-Iranian singer born on April 22, 1958
in Tehran. Andy always had a passion for music and for singing American songs.
He started out his Persian career in Los Angeles with Kouros as they starred in
Shahram Shabpareh`s band in the early 1980s. Soon after, Andy & Kouros
started their own band with the help of manager Alireza Amirghassemi.

Together, Andy & Kouros released their debut album "Khastegary",
which was a mix of Persian and English songs. Their follow up "Parvaz"
and "Balla" took them to a completely new level as they quickly became
the number one act of their time. With sell-out concerts and creative music
videos, Andy & Kouros became a household name among all Persians.

In 1992, Andy & Kouros decided to split and pursue their own careers. Andy
released his solo debut "Beegharar", which is still considered by many
as one of the classic Persian pop albums of all time. With his Persian career
being so successfully, Andy branched to an international audience. He was
awarded the awarded Best Armenian International singer award four times. And
he`s made musical collaborations with his long-time girlfriend Shani.

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