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Uploaded By: UzFiles
Artist: Arash
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File Ishlamayotgan bolsa, Xabar Bering!
Esli File ne rabotaet, dayte nam znat!

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Arash (born Arash Labaf in Tehran) lives in Sweden and arrived in the Persian
music scene in 2004. He has released hit songs such as "Boro Boro",
"Tike Tike Kardi", and "Temptation". Arash`s love for music
developed at a very early age. On his 9th birthday, he received an electric
piano from his father. When he had reached the tenth grade he had already formed
a band with a few of his closest friends.

In September 2004, the first single was "Boro Boro" released. Arash
worked with Ebi and DJ Aligator on his debut album, which was released all over
Europe in the same year. In the summer of 2006, he released a World Cup song
called "Iran Iran" dedicated to Team Melli.

Arash has toured the world (over thirty different countries), performed live
for over 50 000 fans, and performed in Germany during the 2006 Premiere League
World Cup. At the MIDEM (International Music Market) in January 2006, Arash was
presented with the award for artist who has sold more within EU than the country
he resides in.

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